Cenit IO provides an ecosystem to grow

The Platform

Designed to solve unique integrations needs, orchestrate flows that may involve different types of protocols and data formats. All of which can support a wide range of integration use cases.

The Team

Beyond the support you can hire our experimented integration specialists to help you out with the building blocks to tackle complex integrations. Start today with a proof of Concept.

Open Source

Cenit IO is open source and free, and the right place to launch an on-premises Cenit server, that you can modified as needed to build your business. Your code contributions are welcome.

Cloud or On-premises

It is your choice use our cloud services to move faster and not worry about infrastructure or deploy a Cenit server in your data center with full control to meet your needs.

The Partners

Network of partners that are building B2B integration services, using a Cenit server as backnbone, with a curated moderm UX/UI -e.g React- customize to a particular market.

Shared resources

Cenit IO has hundreds of shared collections created by our community, that cover many popular API and is a great starting point to build your custom integration.

How Integrations Work

iPaaS Key Componets

With the composition of simple key components Cenit IO can support a wide range of integration use cases.



Definitions - Files - Objects - Filters



Notifications - Flows - Email channels - Data events - Schedulers - Webhook



Templates - Parsers - Converters - Updaters



API Specs - Open API directory - Connectors



Algorithms - Applications - Snippets



Authorization clients - Providers - OAuth 2.0 Scopes - Authorizations - Access Grant


Integration platform features


New Data Type is created using a JSON Schema, then a complete REST API and a CRUD UI are generated to manage the data.

Data Integration

Cover data validation, transformation, and mapping. Supported multiple data formats and communication protocols.

Third Party Service

Allows sharing of integration settings and connects services such as ERP/ Fulfilment/ Marketing/ Communication.

Routing & orchestrations

Setting up multi-step integration flows through atomic functions like connection, transformation, webhook, and flow.

Integration Services

Runs cloud service integration for publication and management of APIs to support application and data integration needs.


Convenient Onboarding of New Tenants. Each tenant's data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants.


A seamless platform to connect your sales channels

Sell on multiple platforms. List once, and your products will be pushed to leading global marketplaces. Syncs orders into your webstore/ERP systems.

  • Integrate and manage all your sales channels in one site: Cenit IO

    Sell to multiples marketplaces

    Mercado Libre, Amazon Marketplace, Lazada
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  • Tell to 3PL when there’s a new shipment to fulfill. Update order in store once shipment has dispatched

    Fulfillment integrations

    Shipstation, Shipwire, Anchanto, ...
    Client Image
  • Keep accounts up to date with orders in stores. Import products from an ERP.

    Accounting & ERP

    Odoo, Netsite, SAP, Salesforce, ...
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  • List your products from your storefront to other channels. 2-Way Sync inventory with 3PL.

    Connect your store

    Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, ...
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  • Send an email or sms to a user after they complete an order. Send an SMS user after they complete an order.

    Automate your communication

    Slack, Mailchimp, Mandrill, Twilio, ...
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  • Send an email or sms to a user after they complete an order.

    Automate your project management

    Asana, Trello, Jira, Odoo, ...
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  • Add new source of leads to your Customer Management System

    Feed your customer management system

    SugarCRM, Salesforce, Odoo, ...
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Cenit IO needs new partners to deliver services

We believe that power is in the combination of what each one does best, let's complement our strengths.


Drive a successful implementation with our help


Initial meeting

Listen to dive in the business integration needs, and confirm is the plaform is a good fit.


Proof of concept

Develop a proof of concept to validate the viability of the project.


Development cycle

Our consultants will engage with the company in a daily development cycle


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